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Explanation Working Conditions Catalogue for working under hyperbaric conditions

The Working Conditions Catalogue includes execution of diving work, hyperbaric medicine work, caisson work and other work under hyperbaric conditions and is applicable to all employers and employees involved in carrying out this type of work .       

In the Working Conditions Catalogue risks are mentioned, which may occur when carrying out work under hyperbaric conditions. For all these risks are defined which minimum control measures an employer and employee shall take to manage these risks.

Selection menus/ selection keys

Select the type of work under hyperbaric conditions you want to carry out. You then can search per Risk Group and look for specific risks and control measures which are mentioned in the Working Conditions Catalogue. For diving work you also have a choice which diving method you want to use for the work to be performed.

Abbreviations/ terms

The abbreviations/terms are listed in the Working Conditions Catalogue Preface.


Although this Working Conditions Catalogue has been made with utmost care, the Committee Working Conditions Catalogue for working under hyperbaric conditions nor the author accept any liability for any incorrect information, the possible causes and potential consequences thereof.