The Working Conditions Catalogue part: “Diving work” and part: “Caisson work and other work under hyperbaric conditions” came into force on 7th October 2010.

Mid 2013 a working group of the Foundation Working under Hyperbaric Conditions (SWOD) started with the actualisation of the Working Conditions Catalogue for working under hyperbaric conditions. In spring 2014 this version of the Working Conditions Catalogue was approved by Inspection-SZW, whereupon this revised version came into force.

In this actualisation are amongst others included occupational health examination requirements for work under hyperbaric conditions as well as the document: "Working under Hyperbaric Conditions System- and Maintenance requirements (WOD-SOE)".

The employers and employees have agreed that the Working Conditions Catalogue will be evaluated after periods of 3 years. It can then be looked at whether major changes have occurred regarding the work, or rules or working methods. And that may be a reason to adjust the contents of the Working Conditions Catalogue accordingly.

The employers and employees may jointly decide that an interim update is necessary, such as on account of investigation results and recommendations after accidents during work under hyperbaric conditions. In addition the knowledge and technique evolves constantly, which also may lead to actualisation of the Working Conditions Catalogue.

In case you have improvements or recommendations regarding the Working Conditions Catalogue you are requested to inform SWOD. During the next actualisation these points can be discussed and be incorporated.

The management

The Working Conditions Catalogue is managed by the Central Committee of Experts (CCvD) of SWOD. The CCvD consists of representatives of the Civil sector, Fire Brigade and Defence. Jointly they will follow the developments in the field of activity working under hyperbaric conditions  and when required change the Working Conditions Catalogue and have it approved by Inspection-SZW.