Hereby you find the document “Working under Hyperbaric Conditions System- and Maintenance requirements (WOD-SOE)”. The System- and Maintenance requirements have been established by the input of a wide group of experts from various sectors of the diving- and caisson industry, hyperbaric medicine, authorities and employers organisations. The “Assessment Guideline governing the Maintenance of Systems for Diving and Caisson Equipment, version 01 d.d.31 March 2006 (BRL D&C) has served as a basis of the WOD-SOE. Where applicable the requirements have been updated to the current technical and scientific developments.

Download as PDF: Working under Hyperbaric Conditions System-and Maintenance requirements (WOD-SOE)

The WOD-SOE is an integral part of the Working Conditions Catalogue working under hyperbaric conditions (AC-WOO). The Working Conditions Catalogue working under hyperbaric conditions, inclusive the WOD-SOE have, following approval by the SWOD Central Committee of Experts, been submitted by SWOD to Inspection-SZW for approval in October 2013. On 2 April 2014 SWOD received approval from Inspection-SZW to publish the Working Conditions Catalogue working under hyperbaric conditions and WOD-SOE, following which they came into force.
Following the publication of the WOD-SOE the BRL D&C was withdrawn.
In addition the requirement of system certification of diving equipment is now also withdrawn and as a result thereof there is no requirement to meet the initially planned document Field of Activity Certification Scheme- Maintenance (WSCS-wod-O). With this de-regulation the wish of the entire diving branch was implemented.

In the Working Conditions Decree (Article 6.15 paragraph 1 sub b) is defined that when carrying out work under hyperbaric conditions sound equipment which is in a good condition shall be provided to the employees. In order to comply with the above mentioned article the equipment which is used during work under hyperbaric conditions must as a minimum comply with the System- and Maintenance requirements (WOD-SOE). The WOD-SOE consists of requirements of the maintenance system (Section 3), Minimum system requirements (Section 4) and the detail sheets (Section 5), which includes minimum requirements of equipment.

By complying with the requirements in the WOD-SOE, you as employer have taken measures that the employees are provided with sound material and that this material is in good condition. Working with sound material which is in a good condition together with the Personnel and Risk management requirements constitute the conditions which contribute to the safety of working under hyperbaric conditions. Inspection-SZW will when carrying out their inspection task also use the WOD-SOE as part of the legislation and regulations applicable for working under hyperbaric conditions and on the basis of these documents inspect and in case it is necessary enforce the law.