Welcome to the digital version of the Working Conditions Catalogue for the sector Working under Hyperbaric Conditions. This Working Conditions Catalogue describes as much as possible the occupational risks that employers and employees face in practice when working under hyperbaric conditions. For all these risks, it is indicated which minimum control measures an employer and employee must take in order to control these risks.

On the website you can currently find information about:

  • Diving work;
  • Caisson work and other work under hyperbaric conditions.

Since different diving methods are being used, the section Diving work consists of 4 documents and these are:

  • SCUBA Category A1;
  • SCUBA Other;
  • SSE;
  • Dry diving bell / saturation.

Note: SCUBA is due to the limited supply of breathing gas unsuitable for use in mining/energy production related work under hyperbaric conditions.

The document WOD-SOE (Working under Hyperbaric Conditions  System- and Maintenance Requirements) forms part of the Working Conditions Catalogue.

Only the sections Diving work and the WOD- SOE have been translated in English. The Dutch versions are the official versions. 

All documents are in PDF format for easy copying and electronic storage and/or printing.

To view the PDF documents, you can click on the relevant diving method, caisson work and other work under overpressure or on WOD-SOE.

The Working Conditions Catalogue  including the WOD-SOE, will be regularly evaluated and updated. Risks can be added, minimum control measures can be adjusted and material requirements can be changed. Therefore it is essential that when using a PDF document which has been copied from the website, it is always checked that the most recent version is used.

For comments, tips and additions you are requested to advice SWOD. You can use the contact form for this purpose.